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We are changing the future of gaming with exclusive experiences, challenges and perks that reward players and put the power of digital ownership back in their hands.

Best In Class Partners

Turn your wins into digital assets that grow as you play. Earn additional rewards for your participation in games.
Ready to move on from a game? Seamlessley swap digital assets and collectibles in an open and decentralized market.
Spend your hard-earned rewards on rare digital collectibles and build the ultimate colletion of digital assets.

A growing catalog of ecosystem members

Gala Games

Gala Games is working to decentralize the billions of dollars spent annually on video game advertisingA community-driven blockchain game where users can create and monetize virtual worlds.
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The Future of Gaming is Blockchain

Earn & Trade Real Rewards

Start earning more from your gaming efforts through our network of partner game tokens and collectibles.

True Digital Item Ownership

Say goodbye to one-time use digital items and start building up a collection of valuable digital goods.

Open and Decentralized Markets

Buy, trade and transform game tokens and digital items in an open and decentralized marketplace that isn’t controlled by a single title or studio.

Let’s get started!

Blockchain savvy?

Polyient Games Founder's Keys (PGFKs) are unique digital collectibles that serve as your access pass to the Polyient Games ecoystem.

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New to all this?

We get it, it’s confusing and a lot to take in. Check out our “Blockchain Gaming 101” guide to learn how to get started in this exciting new universe!

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