Polyient Games is the newest addition to Polyient!

Games Ecosystem

The core investment activities of Polyient Games will support a collaborative blockchain ecosystem where startups, stakeholders and others work together to drive forward blockchain gaming.

Our Portfolio

Blockade Games

Blockade Games

Blockade Games is a video game development company that consistently pushes the boundaries of how decentralized technologies can reinvent traditional gaming experiences.

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Cargo is a digitized warehouse and marketplace where users securely tokenize digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain, using ERC-721 contracts, to buy, sell, trade or transfer them.

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Our Mission

Fuel a collaborative ecosystem and invest in innovations to establish an initial social layer that ties together gaming and non-fungible tokens.

Open For Everyone

Polyient Games rejects traditional, closed gaming systems.

Gamers/Creators First

We empower game creators and players to fuel a new gaming ecosystem.

Investing in the Future

Polyient Games invests in startups building the foundation of the non-fungible token industry.

Founder's Key Sale

To kickstart the Polyient Games Ecosystem, we are introducing a new twist on traditional founder's keys.
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